Links to Manufacturers/Distributors

Capewell Horsenails, Inc.....Manufacturer of horseshoeing nails and shoes.

Castle Plastics Inc.....Manufacturer of all different kinds of hoof pads.

Equine in 1975, Equine Forgings offers the largest horseshoe selection in the world. With over 900 products to choose from, we are truly leaders in the industry. Equine manufactures their horseshoes with you, the professional in mind.

Farrier Forms....Farrier Forms & business products for the professional horseshoer.

Farrier Product Distribution....Home for information on Kerckhaert horseshoes, Bellota rasps, Bloom Forge tools, and Australian horseshoe nails. Provides an excellent farrier newsletter for horseshoeing.

Kerckhaert Horseshoes....Kerckhaert makes over 700 different horseshoes, including your favorite.

Life Data Labs, Inc.....Manufacturers of Farrier's Formula nutritional supplement for horses, Life Data Hoof Antiseptic, and The Right Step hoof conditioner.

Mustad Inc USA....Manufactures horseshoe nails, tools, pads, and hoofcare products.

St. Croix Forge....St. Croix forge, developing horseshoes and horse shoeing equipment for farriers. Standard, and specialized horseshoes available for the trail horse to the sporthorse, educational clinics and seminars We're putting the "horse" back in horseshoes.

Victory Racing Plate Company....The Victory Racing Plate Company is the premiere manufacturer and supplier of aluminum racing plates and related products.

Links to Farrier Related Sites
American Farriers Journal American Farriers Journal
The American Farriers Journal is the official publication of the American Farriers Association and its chapters and affiliates. AFJ publishes articles on horse anatomy, physiology, leg pathology, therapeutic shoeing, mechanics, special shoeing techniques, forging, welding, horse handling, working with veterinarians, farrier professionalism, customer relations and all phases of business practices and management. Directory of farriers, with info and ads for blacksmiths, farriers, horseshoers, farrier, farrier magazines and suppliers
Online Journal of Equine Foot Science The Natural Angle
Online Journal of Equine Foot Science designed to complement the traditional magazine with timely updates, calendar events, and reviews. The Natural Angle presents sound fundamentals of horseshoeing, using different types of horseshoes, horseshoe nails and farrier tools and techniques.
Links to Farriers and Farrier Associations

Mid-Eastern Farriers Association....The M.E.F.A. is solely dedicated to the maintaining of a viable, professional association which will provide an avenue for all horsemen, horseshoers and veterinarians. Our intent is to provide continuing education, and to promote professional ethics and attitudes concurrent with the modern development of Farriery Science.

Mike Nolan's Farrier Services....serving the central Ohio area.

Don Minton Shoeing....serving northeast Ohio

Ken Davis and Sons, Inc.
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